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Thread: New here and built this dry cell

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    New here and built this dry cell

    We'll in kinda new to this area though I've seen quite a few wet cells made decided to go with the dry cell for efficiency, I built this parallel configuration out of 14 stainless steel plates that measure 2.25in x 5.5in. I've got them stacked in the +nn-nn+ pattern on top of each other with two channels per plate as you can see in the pictures. Still have to finish the plumbing and electrical but can't wait to see what I can produce with this setup. Any questions or improvements that you think I could is very welcome as this is my first dry cell I've made so any tips would be welcome. Here us the photobucket album for the dry cell,

    76explorer2008'sMobile Uploads album on Photobucket

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    Hi 99cougarford,
    -aren't the gaskets too thick?? after tightened recommended thickness is 0.25in,
    -which will be your voltage to use only 2 neutrals?.
    -I can't see correctly the position of holes in end plates, this is very important for the water to flow and seems like holes are in the center of circular surface for electrolysis?? You need one below for the water to enter and one in the top for the gas to exit.
    -The top hole of the neutral plates must be as close as posible to the gasket, if not, this top area will be underused because always will be full of gas that can't go out and will not be submerged in water. You don't need 3 holes.


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