Hi to all!, I have a pick-up ford explorer sportrac 2003, 4.0, Automatic.

I installed a HHO cell, with a pwm and an Amp-meter, pwm with the cell works great, no leaks, the hho goes into the engine without problem, I have a EFIE http://www.fuelsaver-mpg.com/digital...n-instructions

The 3 sensors are new, the upstream sensor i set 330mV the functionality is as the page say, so i assume it's working, and the downstream set200mV.
The graphic sensor's it's normal 0.1 to .9

If i set the upstream less than 300mV the CEL goes on P0420, so I working with 330mV the upstream sensor

Now when I set the downstream to 200mV the graphics going bad the values are between .5 to .9, I i set the downstream more than 220mV the values are between .7 to .9, I assume if i drive with values more than 250mV my graph will be .9 to .9

So I have to set the upstream in 330mV and the downstream 200mV and until here I DON'T have improve yet

So I decide to use a MAF ENHANCER, my maf works with voltaje I checked the voltaje is i acelerate the voltaje goes up and if it's idling the voltaje drop near of 1.00v

I installed the maf enhancer and before to install i modifie the voltaje with the potentiometer and goes to .4V and 1v the min and max value.

But when i install it doesn't works! at all!!! i moved the pot from min to max value and no change the voltaje.

So until here I'm feel disappointed, and I was wondering if any member has a truck like me working with this systems, will be very helpfully or any ideas.

thanks in advance.