Hello everyone, new to this forum.
I have been working on hydrogen for many years and have been developing a system for hydrogen on demand system for a vehicle. I am getting closer for my full scale tests but I am trying to look up answers that I cannot find and I am hoping that all of you might be able to help.

What I am going to be running is a full HHO system. I am going to be burning the hydrogen and the oxygen in the motor. With this I’ve known that the timing of the engine will have to be retarded but on factory ecu’s I know that this can be a very difficult thing to do. I don’t want to have to sit there and take a stab in the dark and be like did that work, no, reflash, did that work, no, reflash….and so on. I also would not like to go out and buy a whole ECU replacement which can cost in the thousands just so I can do the one thing.

So my question is will the car automatically see that it needs to adjust the timing and do it accordingly and if it does when you turn off the motor will it set the timing back to default so every time you start your car it will have a rough idle for a few moments? Is there a sensor that you might be able to make a bracket for to move that sensor to advance and retard the timing?

Side Note: I’ve also been looking at these and it seems like they give you a ECU that will piggy back the factory one in your car.


Thank everyone for your time!