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Thread: injection correction problem with long term and short term

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    injection correction problem with long term and short term

    Hello again everyone,
    This morning I have been setting my opel zafira 1.6 liter, 2005.
    everything seems fine, control cts, control iat (about 30 degrees more than it is), control maf (10% less), upstream efie ofset 100 millivolts (negative correcion is where most will do), efie after the catalyst (230 millivolts ofset), dry cell 13 plates, 7 amps.

    This is the current setup and driving at cruising speed on the motorway with the scanner connected I see a very rare thing:
    injection corrections negative short term, - 7, - 12, - 14. -15, -19,
    but the long-term corrections are these: positive +5, +8, +9 +3 +8 +6, +7, and so on for over 15 miles that has lasted the test.
    how can this be? It is assumed that the long-term short-term learning ', is he?, (At least that's what I understand) and I must say that during the test the state of the loop is kept closed at all times.

    this is reading bank 1.

    thanks for the attention.

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    depending on the manufacturer what the 02's are actually reading the downstream 02 past the cat can sometimes be use to adjust long term fuel trim while the upstream 02 is adjusting for the mixture before the cat. but then again ive never worked on one of those before. i'd try tweaking offsets a little more.

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