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Thread: Hho dry cell does not work..please help

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    Hho dry cell does not work..please help

    i m a mechanical engineer ..i have designed a fuel cell as part of my engineering project...
    but problem is its not working.
    its a dry cell.
    its a 7 cell
    i used 8 stainless steel 304 grade plates of dimension 200mm*160mm and 0.8mm thickness
    9 pvc spacers of 200mm*160mm and 3mm thickness and made a hexagonal large hole at centre of each spacer.
    240mm*200mm acrylic backplates 10mm thick.
    stacked and tightened it using bolts and nuts ...insulation tube is provided around each bolt to avoid contact with plates...
    used 25% NaOH and passed power using 12v car dint work..then used KOH 28% that too dint work...but when i plced only 2 ss 304 plates in a jar and supplied voltage electrolysis started...i checked my fuel with multimeter and no shortage was found...
    i was wondering if it has anything to do with my power supply...
    the car battery i used had 9.16v in it and later the power supply i used had 13 volt but maximum 2ampere reaction was seen

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    Hi Shaunak. I'm also new on HHO systems. but i think your cell does not work well because the plates are to much separated.

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    Gap voltage is too low

    13V/7 cells = 1.86V

    At this voltage you will need every single little tweak you can come up with for those plates to be reactive enough to draw current. Most likely something was happening but just very very slowly. Considering 25% concentration you used, I would change these two parameters:

    1. Get a 13.8V power supply capable of more amps (I use a 9-15V 28A Jetstream ham radio power supply) set at 13.8-14.1V.

    2. Lose one cell from your reactor, giving you 2.17V - 2.4V gap voltage.

    This will fix the problem you are experiencing. Cross sanding your plates and properly cleansing/conditioning will also help along with media blasting (if possible).

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