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Thread: new hho generator idea

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    new hho generator idea

    ive been working on a new hho generator for a few weeks now based on everything ive learned and read. im designing a 5 coil/tube setup inside a 4" pvc tube. there will be a 1/8 coiled rod around a 3/4" x 9" tube, another 3/8" tube inside that tube and a 1/8" rod down the middle. its going to be +-+- and the tubes will be perforated (after i drill them out). its probly not going to be ready for a bit since its been a real pain finding and smuggleing all the materials from work but i did get most of it from the scrap bin the outside coil and inside rod should fix the problems of the tubes outer sides not produceing anything i hope. so what do you guys think?

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    hmmm, sounds very interesting, I am a newbie with hho so I can't give you any tips or advice but I am curious to see how this device will work.

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