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Thread: wire cell?

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    wire cell?

    I'm going to be building my first cell soon. I'm going to start off with a wet cell. I got some 316l stainless steel rods for free. That are 1/8x36". I'm thinking of using 4" pvc and standing the rods straight up and down and really close together. I shold be able to put about 300 rods in with about 1/8" spacing. Has eanyone trues this will it work ok? And how would you wire up something like this. How tall should I make it. Want ideas would be of great help.

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    Ive tried carbon rods, and rods dont come close to plates.

    You need surface area.
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    Has anyone ever tried copper tubes? Just wondered if it would actually work.

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    It works quite well for a while.

    But it corrodes rapidly, or more precisely, it electroplates between the poles at low electric flux (low amperage per unit area). The material of choice, 316L Stainless Steel, has much higher amperage capability even if it's resistance is much higher.

    There are numerous experiments going on with different materials. Do a search on the forum threads. MMO coated Titanium is one of them.

    And welcome to the forum.

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    If you are wanting to use copper, you can, but only for the negative plates or in your case tubes and maybe the neutral ones, not too sure about the neutral ones though. But use something that doesn't corrode. As oxygen comes off the positive, it oxidizes it. But if you are using something that can't oxidize then it won't.

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    After much trial and lot's of error my latest build is a compromise between a wire spiral and flat plate wet cell.

    1L in 1min 5 sec using soda crystal electrolyte (KOH is hard to come by in the UK)

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