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Thread: Feedback on eBay PWM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weapon_R View Post
    Dan if the offer still stands, I would gladly take one.
    Me too!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iger13 View Post
    Me too!!!!!

    I will third that if you want a video made of this as well...

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    This one seems to work

    I started to setup up a system and bought it to try, keeps within 0.5 amp and goes from 0 - 30 amp.


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    Quote Originally Posted by H2OPWR View Post
    I have been using their products for ever. They work great for me.

    I have a problem with cell and Pwm shorted out suspect bad PWM.

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    40 Amp CCPWM

    Constant Current PWM's are easier to use and one with a digital display is very helpfull for dialling in your system. Here is a really nice one that can handle 40 amps with a digital display. 40 amps is really more than most aplications will ever need on pasenger cars or standard size pickup trucks.

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    I just installed the KZX1250 Pwm from Adi corp.The beauty of this one is it turns on automatically when it senses charging voltage when the engine is started.It also shows the output current.This way you eliminate the need for a control relay to energize/de-energize the cell.You also don't need a separate ammeter if you mount it inside the vehicle.Expensive,but worth the extra $$ IMHO.

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    Read entire thread with interest can anyone here make a better recommendation???

    Found this on "aliexpress:: 10-50V 60A DC Motor Speed Control PWM HHO RC Controller 12V 24V 48V 3000W MAX

    Have a 2.1kw battery based offgrid Outback solar system with a 60amp charge controller and am looking for a good 48 to 60V HHO PWM that can also handle 40 to 50 max amps??? Have been series connecting 3-4 HHO generators together in order to dial in 2 to 3v per plate, thus one large PWM would govern all? Want to separate and store hydrogen for days when solar supply exceeds demand.

    The Outback FX Series Inverter/Charger has a great "Load Shed" feature that will automatically control, switch HHO generators on/off, based on overall supply/demand . . . Currently once batts attain "Absorb/Float" mode any extra solar power is wasted so goal is to store pure hydrogen once the details of separation and compression is worked out.

    Am thinking would rather put a regulated pressure hydrogen bottle in auto trunk to supplement gas/diesel combustion akin to the CNG conversion systems currently installed on cars??

    (ps: Am thinking 'pumped water pressure" to compress hydrogen? Picture a 1 1/2" to 2" pvc cylinder with two check valves, "in" & "out" on top, with two way water pressure applied to bottom?? Much like an air pump works but using water instead? Basic limitation to overcome is find most automatic pumps only handle up to 100psi.)

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    Update: recently purchased this -> DC 10-55V MAX 60A PWM Motor Speed Controller and it literally blew up (pop) in short order, just like prior (above). Using 50V DC input off 4-in-series connected solar batts running only at 10% of 'output' suspect, read somewhere, reason overheated is -> PWM circuit goes into overrun, can't keep up?

    If I try lower DC input, 12 or (24 or 36)? perhaps will last longer?

    Am trying something different, still in 'experiment mode', want pure H2 and O separation without investing in a new, double gasketed dry cell with separate outports? What am doing is taking TWO 21 plate dry cells, removed ALL gaskets reassembling via center hole (of 3) using SS washers instead then, completely flooding both placed side by side (now 'wet') with one now 'neg' and other 'pos' .. with a gas/electro divider in between except at very bottom, below 'gassing' level.

    Still working out container details but def smells of HH production (lol the O cannot detect)

    Will Keep Posted!

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