View Full Version : VOLO Performance Chip for HHO yes or no?

02-13-2015, 04:18 PM

does anybody have any experience with VOLO Performance chip, specially designed for HHO add-on? On web site VOLO promises perfect integration and ECU map corrections to get most of your HHO injection...
...but I am a bit skeptical. Do not want to throw away US$ 100 if somebody else did that before :cool:

08-26-2015, 03:01 AM
Hi Labsy

In my opinion after researching i have a conclusion about this :

if you need to adjust stoichometric air/fuel mixture to run leaner you also need to be able to monitoring it .

by almost same price you have (innovate MTX-L O2 Sensor programable) it comes with an air/fuel ratio gauge to be able to monitoring the mixture in real time.

I wouldnīt risk my engine even more when trying to run leaner.

BY THE WAY !! whe have almost same HHO kit!! but mine has a different Cell ( i am from spain) , but i have had problems with your PWM ,is it the hho-plus PWM30A? , am i right? please!!! give me an advise about the wiring !! i followed the manual cabling and the PWM left me out running out of battery because the start/stop engine sensor didnīt work right for me so i have finally added an interruptor. i saw in your pictures some kind of fuse added in to your wiring?? what is it for??

Many Thanks!!!.

08-26-2015, 05:13 AM

regarding PWM30A I wired it as follows:

- positive terminal from battery, with added 30A fuse inline (that's what you saw on picture) and 30A shunt for small 30A LCD curent metter
- negative to chasis (ampermeter shunt can also be on this wire)
- control wire (which turns PWM on/off) to one of vehicle fuses, which has + only after engine is running (I wired to electrical fuel pump output fuse)

- negative and positive to the HHO cell terminals (but do NOT connect negative HHO cell terminal together with any other negative ground on vehicle! HHO cell must be insulated from vehicle's positive and negative!)

But to be honest, I disconnected everything to test vehicle power and torque and surprisingly added power and torque were still present even after HHO was disconnected. Which could only mean, that HHO cleaned my engine and additional power does NOT come from HHO, but from cleaner engine! (HHO production was 1,5 lpm)

08-26-2015, 07:23 PM
I saw also in the pictures that you didnt wired those thinner additional cables
For automatic on/off sensor, is there any specific reason ? Did you also had battery
Problems with the Factory recommended configuration?

I think its is quite expensive PWM , i thought it would be worthy for the price because of the higher HHO
Perfomance or added functionalities but in the end it doesnt hace anything special, what do you think?

By the way may be those power that you mentioned could be produced by your less restrictive air filter , dont you think?
Anyway be aware of using that filter in dusty paths or roads , i am not sure of it will leave little dust particles to pass trought in to your engine...

Regards and thanks a Lot for your help!!!