View Full Version : Trying to tune my OBD1 Ford Ranger for my recent HHO install.

04-20-2014, 12:02 AM
Hello everyone. I just installed a dry cell HHO generator on my 94 2.3L Ford Ranger. I do not know how many LPM my cell is producing, but my bubbler resembles a glass of water that a kid is frantically blowing bubbles into out of their straw...so I'm going to assume it's doing ok (between 10-15+ amps). Anyways, with my OGO DEFIE off, my A/F gauge pretty much acts normally bouncing back and forth between rich and lean. I don't know if my PCM is compensating that quickly, or if the HHO is not really affecting anything? If I pop on the DEFIE at say...100 mV compensation, the A/F usually falls lean and the truck starts to run like crap.

My worries are more along the lines of hurting the engine. If it's leaning out enough to cause the idle to drop 50-100 rpm and create a random misfire feeling, will running it down the road like that start to give me engine problems?

I'm only running 2 TBSP of KOH per one gallon of distilled water. Should I increase the KOH in an attempt to produce more HHO?

The truck runs very well (runs normally) with no DEFIE operation and the HHO bubbling away. I kind of want to just run it like that and see what kind of (if any) mileage increase I get. But, I also dropped some decent coin on this DEFIE so I'd like to utilize it if possible. I also have a MAF/MAP enhancer but I didn't even hook it up yet with the problems I'm already facing.

Lastly, and I know this is kind of off topic for this tuning section of forum, but I'm getting a little bit of condensation/steam looking buildup in my hose running to the intake box. Is this normal or do I need to add some sort of filter after the bubbler? I heard some people were running fuel filters inline after the bubbler...any suggestions?


04-21-2014, 01:20 AM
Well, for anyone who's keeping an eye on this, I diagnosed what I believe to be a faulty DEFIE. I check and double checked all my wiring and no matter what way I looked at it the DEFIE was producing 10.96 volts out to the PCM for the oxygen sensor. It has spots for two sensors and even the unused port was putting out 10.96 volts. Time to call OGO.

But, I did just complete a 200 mile trip back home with my cells running at 20 amps combined producing roughly .75 LPM of HHO and I got a 2-3 mpg increase with no computer controllers/enhancers running so...not a bad start.