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11-01-2012, 11:05 AM
i have a HP Tuner from HPtuners.com, pricy lil pieve of equipment/software but im able to monitor everything going on threw my OBDII, i was wondering if there was a posibility of changing some configs in the ecu regaurding the o2 sensor, rather than using the tradition EFIE? ive been "playing" with the tuner for some time, and have changed somethings here and there but i always create a back up, incase something goes wrong :rolleyes: and can easily revert back, any ideas if im able to use this?

Also im still preping on making my dry cell, didnt realize custom cut plates were so expensive :p but im gonna go with 8"x8" plates by 18gauge, by maybe...13 plates? either -nnnnn+nnnn- or +nnnnn-nnnnn+ which is best or is there a better layout with more or less plates?

thanks in advance for the help