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10-29-2012, 06:37 AM
So, while I'm selling the kit, in the future I'm gonna start back up. Just now I need immediate money for expenses. But...

I think I'm gonna eventually go with a 2005 Acura TSX. Thing about this car is the ECU can be reflashed for performance. I wanna get into doing some good mods to this car and put an HHO system in. So I wanna take advantage of the fact that the ECU can be reflashed and maybe not need an EFIE.

Anyone have any ideas on ECU reflashing?

10-29-2012, 04:29 PM
You have a lot of options on most anything that has an OBD II port or newer. There are the Supertuner programmers that can be designed off of your spec requests or needs, and each programmer can hold several different programs that can be for different applications. So you can have one program that runs while you use HHO, or another that runs while your not. The unit will download your cars original "flash" specs, and upload another of your choice. We install them on diesel applications and plenty of beefed up up street cars. Adds a lot of horsepower to most anything. You can change shift patterns, timing, injector pulse, delete some things! Pretty cool stuff.

Almost any ECU, PCM, PCU can be reflashed but some are hard to find a program for! Others can be updated by dealers, but they(Dealers) DO NOT do alterations to the programming that effect emissions.

10-31-2012, 09:02 AM
When I started looking up that stuff I saw that only certain ECUs could be altered. At least for Honda. Like my 97 Accord's ECU cannot be changed. Id have to use a chipped obd1 ECU. But some can be reflashed.
Now, are there specs out there for particular cars to be compatible with HHO and yet tuned to perform better? Or is that something a tuner could easily figure out and program?

10-31-2012, 09:56 AM
That I know of, there aren't any programmers set-up for HHO use. You would have to figure out what you need to have re-calibrated for your application. For instance, if you want the injector pulse, spark timing, egr valve, iac valve or any other motor or actuator to operate differently then it does, then you need to know how and when at what duration or intervals that you need them to operate, so as the person building you a program would have something to use as a perimeter to base something on. They can change what perimeter that your sensors operate as a control for certain functions. All of this is something that should be done with a live feed on a computer or laptop to show what and where your needs are in the tuning. This will not be cheap or easy unless you have a quick, simple set-up that can perform everytime, flawlessly, and be very consistently.

Now if you have an individual reprogram your ecu, you can tell them "I need the air/fuel mixture leaned out to ....(your needs), and also change the base timing to ....(yours needs)" and that could be done! There aren't many of these people out there, but there are some. We have a company south of Atlanta that does these things for performance shops. Expensive !!!!!!!!!

Everyone that uses an EFIE, map enhancer, or other means of manipulating a pcm, ecu, ecm all have the same trouble. That being the computer soon catches on that something isn't right and takes measures to self adjust to what it feels is normal or as near to as possible by following the BASIC programming of what it was programmed with. By reprogramming the BASIC format of these units, you can eliminate that problem. But the cars wont run well if at all if something in the HHO system goes wrong.

10-31-2012, 04:42 PM
Yeah, thats the trouble is making a system that works with or without HHO. Maybe dual ECUs but I have no idea how that would work properly.

10-31-2012, 05:18 PM
Yeah, thats the trouble is making a system that works with or without HHO. Maybe dual ECUs but I have no idea how that would work properly.

One component including the HHO system is possible. Like I said, the Supertuner programmer can hold up to 3 programs, including the factory program. It will upload your cars original program into the unit, then download one of 3 other programs that you chose back into the pcm. All you need is to know what you need programmed into the programmer first so as to have it pre-programmed. With that out of the way, the rest is a flip of a switch to go from factory original to the use of HHO with the programming swapped in seconds.


Making good progress on this path.